Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Beaches

Cala San Vicente has three main beaches. The first (Cala Barques) is a rocky beach overlooked by hills to one side, a few restaurants to the rear and the Don Pedro hotel on the other side. However the hotel does not dominate as some reports have suggested. This beach is the best for snorkelling as theres lots of rocks out in the bay and many varieties of fish and sealife crowding the cove. there's no bars on the beach but it's only a few steps off the beach to use either the restaurants or the Don Pedro bar. A few minutes and you get to the the Spar so it's not far to keep you supplied for a day on the beach. Although this is the rocky beach (and beach shoes were a must for me to get in and out of th water) a few feet inland from the water's edge and it's relatively sandy so it's still OK as a sunbathing beach too.

The second small beach (Cala Clara) nestles inbetween the Don Pedro and the Simar hotels and does feel very enclosed by then so we didn't use that one at all.

The third beach (Cala Molins - in the two pictures below) is the sandy beach and the fine sand runs al the way out into the cove, so it's easy getting in and out of the water with bare feet. Still OK for snorkelling but for most of the fish you have to still to the sides of this bay where there are still rocks. This beach has a bar (I think attached to the "Grupotel" hotel that streches down the left side of the cove (left looking out to sea). To the right the rocky mountainous coastline streches away with some very nice villas perched on it (the red shuttered one supposed to belong to Cilla Black) and to the rear of the beach is the resorts main car park. Naturally this beach attracts more families as the sand and bar proximity is hand when you have kids.

Personally I prefer the first beach as I'm happy with beach shoes and only really go in the water for snorkelling.

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